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Bankstown Removalist Interstate Moves

The interstate move is the service in which Bankstown Removalist has a high level specialization and great expertise. The specific service we offer is used by many people each years, from any state to another, regardless of their property type or size. Every move is a new challenge to face, with one goal: the satisfaction of our customers. The interstate removals require special attention. In fact, compared to regular removals, they involve a large number of additional procedures, as there are certain difficulties of long distances. A more thorough and detailed planning is vital for a smooth interstate move.

Bankstown Removalist a company able to ensure all this to its customers: it is specialized in the execution of interstate removals not only for individuals but also for also offices and businesses, all cases in which relocation operations require a dose of special attention.

Simplifying the life of our client during the move and making what is usually considered a difficult and stressful event for the whole family easy and almost fun is always the goal of Bankstown Removalist.

Full service from packing up to delivery

The packing of your items are completed in an efficient and quick manner, from the picking up of the goods until it is delivered to the destination: we are able to manage the whole transportation phase, including packaging, labelling of the goods, storage in the means of transport and all assembly and relocation phases.

We treat every interstate move as a unique and personalized project: for this reason, we advise you to contact our office to request a tailored quote and to know our rates.

Here is what you receive with us

Custom packaging for fragile and valuable items such as works of art

Box hire services for your own packing

An overall great experience of moving interstate

Transparent and fixed quote

Packing of your items

Your trusted removalist

We start the journey days before, at your house – we will be inspecting your property to figure out the volume of the move and to provide you with the required workforce. Depending on the size of your move, we might offer you different sizes of removalist vehicles. Rest assured, we will provide you with everything you need regardless of the size of the task. Our experts will talk you through the methods we will be using for your relocation including packing, disassembling furniture and etc. With longer distances the risk factor increases. All our drivers are long-time, experienced operators who can guarantee the safety of your belongings. We will take extra care to ensure your valuables are safe.

All objects must be packaged to perfection, so as to withstand even violent shocks in rough roads of our country, well fastened to the removalist vehicle. It is essential to use professional boxes, more resistant than normal, which can withstand higher loads and be stacked higher: in this way the pallet will be more stable. Bankstown Removalist does all this with great care and won’t disappoint you in the slightest.

Free and transparent quotes

It is the first guarantee of reliability and makes it possible to distinguish a serious and expert service from dodgy companies, which perhaps use made up quotes. Our quotes contain a clear explanation of the services included and their cost, as well as an indication of the responsibilities of the parties.

Entrusting your personal and valuable objects to someone can be a source of insecurity. With Bankstown Removalist, you can be ensured of the best care and attention to your belongings.

Having the guarantee of a well-structured moving company, which works with a well-defined process, will allow you to have more control over the move, even in the case of delays due to external events.

Our Prices

removalist in bankstown


Per 1/2 Hour + GST

user2 Removalists

truck3.5T/ 12-15m³ Truck Size

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move home
1 Bedroom HOME


Per 1/2 Hour + GST

user2 Removalists

truck4.5T/ 15-20m³ Truck Size

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reliable removal service
2 Bedroom HOME


Per 1/2 Hour + GST

user2 Removalists

truck6-8T/ 25-35m³ Truck Size

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interstate moves
2-3 Bedroom HOME


Per 1/2 Hour + GST

user2 Removalists

truck10-12T/ 40-45m³ Truck Size

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home mover
3-4 Bedroom HOME


Per 1/2 Hour + GST

user2 Removalists

truck12-14T/ 50-55m³ Truck Size

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residential moves
4-5 Bedroom HOME


Per 1/2 Hour + GST

user3 Removalists

truck16T/ 60-65m³ Truck Size

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