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Quote Form – Bankstown Removalist
Bankstown Removalist


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Enquiry Number: [quote-number]

Hi, [your-name]

Thank you for your enquiry. One of our consultants with be in contact with you during business hours to confirm your booking date and time.

Below is a breakdown of the details you have submitted. If there are any changes to the below, please notify our consultant during the call.

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Moving Garage

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minimum of 2 hour hire time required + half hour call out fee. Once the job exceeds the 2 hour minimum, the charges are [cost] (+ GST) every half an hour until the service is completed. (SYDNEY METRO ONLY – additional charges for outside metro). Charges
start from the moment we arrive at your driveway (not from our depot).Additional man is available (optional) at a further $20 per half hour + GST. With jobs that require 2 bedrooms worth of furniture or more; we recommend an additional man. Even though you are paying a higher hourly rate; your billable hours are less. This is because there is an extra hand which results in quicker loading & unloading of the truck. With restrictions such as stairs, long distances and tight access, the time restriction is much faster. With heavier items you have more control, strength and speed, making it safer of course. Saving you time and money!



Bankstown Removalist can also help you with your move with arranging disconnection / re-connection of your utilities ie. gas, electricity, telephone, internet just visit our website

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Boxes + Packing Materials

The boxes are hired at $5 per box (totally refundable) as long as the boxes are returned within 4
weeks from the date of the delivery and in good condition, OR purchase second hand for $4.00 per box

Butchers paper = $20 for 5kg
Tape =$4 per roll
Porta robes = $20 (purchase), if hired $5 Refunded
Courier fee of $55 (including pickup and delivery) SYDNEY METRO ONLY

Bankstown Removalist also provides an elite packing & unpacking service. We pride ourselves on
being one of Australia’s leading packing and unpacking service in terms of comfort, care and
efficiency please call for more info or visit

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With regards to Insurance, you are covered for Public Liability which covers you for any building

Transit Insurance covers your goods whilst they are in the truck from point A to Point B, for fire
and collision.

We can also offer your full Insurance with Allianz for an additional $355.00 (optional) which covers
you up to $25.000. This Insurance is valid for 45 days from the date of your move.

We also have Bubble wrap Insurance at a further cost (the removalist will inform you of the rate on
the day of your move) for more info visit

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Booking Windows

Window 1

7-7.30am Definite Start

Window 2

Between 9-1pm *

*anytime within this time frame with half hour notice before arriving

Window 3

Between 11-3pm *

*anytime within this time frame with half hour notice before arriving

Window 4

Between 1-4pm *

*anytime within this time frame with half hour notice before arriving

Window 5

3pm Onwards *

*anytime within this time frame with half hour notice before arriving

Please bear in mind that we may run late or early, depending on the previous move, WE will call you half hour prior to arriving at the pick-up address.

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Package Details

Minimum of a 2 hour charge applies on all jobs (this is calculated once we arrive at your drive way and ends once we have completed your move).

There is a half hour call out fee added at completion (SYDNEY METRO ONLY – additional charges for outside metro)

5% Fuel levy is applies on all local moves, 10% is applied to 40km and over, 20% fuel levy added to anything over 80km

We only accept Visa / MasterCard and cash (1.5% surcharge on Visa and MasterCard)

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Bankstown Removalist
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