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Bankstown Removalist Packing Services

With Bankstown Removalist you will be able to find a great relief to that meticulous and exhausting task of packing all the belongings of your home, we have at our disposal various packing materials, of which we will always have the most suitable to pack your goods. By hiring us, you will be eliminating the risk of broken items, scratched furniture and other unpleasant incidents. Bankstown Removalist consists of professionals and we will provide you with efficient packing services for both homes and offices. We pack your belongings with suitable packaging material and ensure that it arrives safely and securely at the new destination.

We are also experts at packing larger items such as home appliances – TVs, dishwashers, fridges, washing machines and many more. By using appropriately sized packages and packing material, we make sure these valuable items get transported to your new home unscratched. We also provide insurance coverage on your belongings so that you can be stress-free during the move.

Packing & Unpacking Services

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners happen to make is underestimating the importance of packaging. It is one of the few deciding factors between a successful and failed move task. If you have had experience moving and packing in the past, you might go ahead and do it on your own. Reality is that many people don’t have the experience and the time to allocate for packing. We understand that we are willing to take control of your entire relocation including the packaging phase. Our friendly removalists will bring you the most ideal packaging services to ensure your move goes as smooth as planned. There are many different methods when it comes to packing and we will be using the most suitable one. We will figure out the best way and pack your belongings quickly, efficiently. Here is what we use for the packing of your items:

Portable cardboard wardrobes

Book boxes

Boxes of different sizes

Packing tape

Protective wraps

Bubble wrap


Moving blankets

Transparent and fixed quote

Packing of your items

Your trusted removalist

A poor quality packaging can be counterproductive for the task of moving, the owner and the mover as they can result in damage. Thus, poor packaging can result in the loss or damage of an item which is not wished for. Bankstown Removalist can truly guarantee you no such thing will happen while we have the control.
In our services, packaging materials are selected depending on the product and the environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, the desired atmosphere around the product, packaging strength, existing costs, customer’s specifications and other factors.

Offering box hire services
Do not need a professional packing service but after boxes to use for your own packing? No worries at all, on top of offering packing services, we also have box hire services. You can contact us at any time to get your boxes delivered to your doorstep. They are specifically made for moving purposes and won’t give up under heavy loads. Our boxes are of high quality and won’t need extra taping to make them stronger. Are you after cardboard boxes? We also provide those which will keep your belongings safe and secure in your move as they are made specifically for relocation purposes.

Packing materials
Bankstown Removalist keeps renewing its inventory all the time to bring you the best packing material available on the market. You shouldn’t expect anything less than perfect when we are the removalist service you are working with for your move.

Adhesive Tape
You must have heard about adhesive tapes. They are sold almost everywhere and used in different places from industries to individual homes. It has got many kinds and they all come handy when we need them. Often used for closing cardboard boxes, they are offering a wide range of use.

Butchers paper
Butchers paper is very resistant to tear and is very strong generally. It is one of the essential packing materials in the removalist industry. It is usually made from wood pulp or recycled material.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the irreplaceable materials in the business. It is God’s gift to use for packing fragile items that are more prone to damages. Bubble wrap is also waterproof and provides protection against external influences such as dust, scratches or moisture.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is made of polymer plastic and will shrink when heat is applied, taking the shape of the item it is used on. It is a unique material because of the strong retracting capacity that makes it easy to set up and protect the objects it contains very well.

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