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What Insurance do I Need for Removals?

When moving from one house to another, you would want to hire the best Bankstown removalists. This means ensuring a safe, well-planned, and reliable move. When it comes to a move, you should always be prepared for potential losses or damages. It is essential to cover all sorts of risks. This is where removals insurance comes into the picture.

The following guide will help you understand your insurance needs for your removal.

Your Home Contents Insurance

A home contents insurance policy doesn’t always cover your move. Even if it covers a removal, it will have certain conditions. For example, most such policies will require you to choose specific removalists Bankstown.

While some home insurance companies offer moving insurance at extra premium, others don’t have such products. Even if your policy covers a move, there’s a good chance that not all the items are covered during transit or storage.

Moving Company’s Insurance

Once you have checked your home insurance, you should check your removal company’s insurance. They can have different types of insurance cover including carries liability, public liability, and motor vehicles liability. The coverage provided may seem to be perfect for protecting your belongings. But you should know that their policies help you only when it can be proven that a loss or damage occurred due to their fault. Even if it is proven, their policies may not be able to compensate you for the full value of your loss.

You should know the conditions when the loss of or damage to your belongings is not considered the moving company’s fault:

  • When something breaks on arrival, but is found to be fully secured during the transit in the truck. If it was packed by you, the removalist cannot be held accountable.
  • If the truck was involved in an accident and the driver is found not at fault.
  • If your longings get stolen or lost during storage or when the truck is getting unloaded.
  • When the damage is caused by weather conditions.

There are many more situations where the insurance of your Bankstown removalists cannot cover your loss.

Getting Removal Insurance

While reputed removalists have all the insurance coverage you can think of, it is always good to consider getting removal insurance for your move. You may get it directly from an insurance company or from your removalists in Bankstown. Moving companies that are part of the Australian Furniture Removers Association can offer such insurance covers. These members are required to meet all the professional standards laid down for the industry. They undergo regular training and are adept in offering you insurance products in accordance with the law.

You should also know the factors that can influence your removals insurance. They include:

  • The type and value of the items you are moving
  • The distance of the move
  • Whether storage will be required or not
  • How much cover you want

So now that you know how removals insurance work and where to look for them, you should discuss your options based on the type of move you have.

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