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How should you choose the best removalist?

Do you want to move to a new location right now? Do you want to avoid some certain problems while moving to a new place?  If you say yes, you need to get the services of moving experts. At the present moment, there are several companies present in the market that provide a range of moving services to you. You can get residential, commercial, and interstate moving services from the top companies. 

As you have a lot of companies to choose, you can face some challenges to determine which one is the best. In other words, you cannot determine which company will meet your requirements in terms of the services and service price.

Before you make the final call on choosing the best removalist present in your local area, you should know the ideal process of choosing a removalist.

Do extended online researches

If you are all set to hire Lakemba removalist, then this is the first thing you have to do for hiring the best moving professional. In other words, you should do extended online research about the leading removalist companies present in your local area. By doing so, you will be able to shortlist some companies that have a great reputation in the local market for moving properties.

Take referrals

Without any doubt, you should get some precious referrals from your loved ones. You never know whether your loved ones have already hired such types of services for moving to a new space. With this particular idea, you can make yourself a little bit more confident that you will be hiring a trustable moving company.

Know the overall services

Furthermore, you have to become completely familiar with the overall services of a removalist company before you make the final call. A company should provide residential, commercial, interested, and other types of moving services to the customers. In addition, these companies have to provide packing and packing, loading-unloading and other important services in a service package.

Customer reviews

Without any doubt, you should go through some online reviews of the previous customers of a company before hiring them. Online reviews can give you detailed info about the service quality, service price, and most importantly professionalism. Therefore, you should go with the Padstow Heights removalist once you check some online reviews about them.

Ratings in the search engine results                  

On the other hand, you can check out the current ratings of the websites of a removalist company in the search engine results. If the ratings of a service provider are higher in the search engine results, you can take the risk of hiring them.

100% damage free guarantee

Most of the modern-day removalist professionals provide you 100% damage free guarantee on the moving services. Because of this reason, you should always go with a removalist who gives you 100% damage free guarantee.


Finally, you need to consider professionalism as yet another important thing in a property removalist. By considering the mentioned above things, you will be able to determine who the best property removalist is in your local areas.

Things To Keep In Mind Prior To Settling In Or Moving Into A New House

Relocating from one home to another can tend to leave you with mixed feelings of both joy and sorrow. Joy arises from the exhilaration of a unique chapter and sorrow comes due to the emotional connection that you have to part ways with. Many think of moving as being a big headache because of packing and remembering each item you have put away. Prepare yourself with a pen and a notebook to write down a list of items that you really need to do before transferring to a different home.

Changing the locks

Step one of moving to into a new house is making sure the security of the home is installed correctly to ensure the safety of the family and property. Updating the locks of the new house is really important to help keep your house out of any danger. You are recommended to do this before moving into the home permanently and sleeping in the home.

Shifting the utilities

At least a couple weeks ahead of your move, you need to inform your utility service provider about the shifting plans. You can just call them and arrange your connection and disconnection periods for gas and electricity. Aside from this you may want to speak to your cable and internet provider and security measures provider to correct an installation date following the move.

Modify your address

Modifying residential address should not be a difficult task. Find ways to get your address updated based on the regulations in your area. Updating your address must at some point be followed along with your bank cards, subscription accounts, etc.

Make a decision on whether you want to hire a professional mover or not

As previously mentioned above, movers make the entire moving procedure simple for you. Whether you want their assistance or not, it is your preference. If you come to a decision to hire a mover near you, make sure it fulfils most of the requirements and provides a simple yet efficient service.

Read about some moving basics

Having a little bit of knowledge on moving also can make your moving journey trouble-free for your needs. As an example you can easily seek out the measures that may give the kids and pets comfort while moving, apart from that you can download some apps to streamline your moving procedure. These small things have the ability to create your moving journey convenient for your needs.

Clutter removal

When you finalise your moving date start getting rid of all the stuff that you no longer want out of your home. To eradicate them you can organise a garage sale or sell them on the net or you can easily contact organisations that may come and pick up your undesired possessions totally free.

The thought of moving from one place to another can be quite exhausting and energy-draining.It does not matter whether the size of your property is big or small, it is highly recommended to get a professional removalist to take care of all your moving needs promptly. Professionals will take care of all your items with extra precaution.  You are on your way to a successful move when you book your move with us, Bankstown Removalist!

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Tips for Buying New House

The Inside

Consider this as one of the most best advice tips for buying new house you have already know. Any negatives about the new house you consider to make a purchase will be pointed out by a good surveyor, but if you look for many or unsettled option, you can survey all of them by hiring a surveyor. Here are some tips for you before buying a new house for the first time, so you can make it cheaper and avoid getting dejected:.

The repairs if too much can become the reasons some people move. Damaged floor, leaky roof, and all the cost for repair can add up to thousands of money, and you could be stuck with the expense cost if careless.

You can also plan to renovate and repairs the house as you would like, but it can be impossible to live in because many risk for renovate it ( rising damp can enter floorboards and rafters) before it cost you dearly.

Beware for bad finishes, huge paintings or damp patches and bad colours that may occur a problem.

One of the indication is smell, even with the most great of air fresheners is hard to disguise bad smell from the damp.

Any documents relating to the servicing of the heating and boiler you can also ask to see. Some sellers are not the owner of the land and they are not bound to sell the home with working boiler, this will give you an idea on how the house is taken care from inside.

The Outside

Flood damage is the first one to look for sign. Check or ask your insurer if the house is in area that often become flood area. If the house has been flooded in the past obtaining building insurance and house insurance will be proven difficult. Your insurer should be able to give you an idea, even it not so obvious.

If the building is  ivy-covered, question yourself why. Sometimes to hide a multitude of sins tricks is used to make it look pretty. You need to see some damage brickwork before making a buy because it can cost expensive.

One of the indicate subsidence is cracks in the wall, you can ask your surveyor to confirm if this is the case or not, see if you notice a difference by following the crack into the interior.

It does deserve some attention, even if you’re not a gardener, It will cost a lot of money to remove a mountain of weeds covering rubble.

The Environment Area

The neighbourhood is one of the important aspects before moving. Visit at various times of the day and night to see the community around it and check on different weather condition so you can see the whole property worth or not, this is important before you going to regret later.

For a peaceful life and safety the environment area is vital. In the night there could be a dog that barks all night long, or gang of hoodie could be used to show up at your parking area. You are never know so unless you visit your new house environment area at various times don’t be to sure to buy it.

You may still think that a relocation can’t be worry-free, after all, people you don’t know are handling your valuables. We have got good news for you, Bankstown Removalist guarantees you a worry-free home relocation service. All our removalists are trained individuals with years of experience who will respect your home as if it was theirs. Check on us or book here.To read more, click here.

Getting The Maximum Value from The Removalist of Your Choice

It’s the truth that the thought of moving from one place to another can be quite exhausting and energy-draining. After thinking that now you finally have your dream house and you are happily planning to move in but then when you realize how much you have to pack and unpack, load and unload, you will realize that you might need some help to pack all of your items. It does not quite matter whether the size of your property is big or small, it is needed to get a professional removalist to take care of all your moving needs without a scratch. In this case not only the extra manpower will be handy, professionals will take care of all your items with extra precaution. The following are some tips on how you can get the most value from a removalist so that you will not regret the service that will cost you

Start doing a little research

It is wise for you to do a little research for removalist before you decide to hire one, start asking recommendation from people that have used the service before because it will be easier for you to work with the removalist later on because you already know them through recommendation. However, if you are not getting a removalist company through recommendation you might find the service through advertisement on the internet, it is really essential for you to look at every service they have and look for the testimonial on their work. After some consideration start writing down the essentials that you think you will need.

Get quotes and Compare prices

There’s no lie when we say that cheaper price is really preferable, because sometimes expensive cost does not necessarily giving you the best service, that’s why before you decide to choose which company that you want to hire as removalist, try to compare it with another company that might give you better option.

Customer Service

Talking to customer service is really important as you can ask many questions for your need and see how they respond to you, because it is the first sign whether this company is really professional or just new in the game, they also will help you which service that you can use later on.

Help them to help you

Depending on the company policies, usually they might ask you list of items that you want to move to give them clearance what are they going to deal with and give you option how to handle this item later on when you are moving out.


It is ideal for you to find a company with adequate insurance cover. This might help you cover in case unwanted or unfortunate events happen, knowing there is insurance cover in the chosen company might help you to less worry because they have guarantee to recover your stuff based on the service that they offer before you finally decide to use your service. Those are the tips that you may want to pay attention to before you decide on a removalist company that you want to hire. You are on your way to a successful move when you book your move with us! Do not hesitate to get in contact with us right way at Bankstown Removalist –your go-to removalist!

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Packing Tips to Simplify Moving Day

Moving is more than just finding a new house to meet your requirements. In reality, the actual process of moving can be quite overwhelming and maybe even stressful. There are many things you can do to be certain that you’re on the right path to a successful move in the simplest way. Basically, stick with your strategy and keep in mind the following tips:

  • Use colour-coding or Post-it note descriptions

Colour coding boxes and using post-it notes can be a very useful tip when moving. You even use different coloured markers or even different coloured stickers to colour-code your the boxes by rooms and names of family members. For example, blue for anything in the kitchen and anything in the living room. Do not forget to make yourself a colour-coded sheet for the reference. It will make it much easier to pack and unpack.

  • Wrap parts together

You can probably imagine the confusion of getting to your house and realising that you may have lost a few things along the way. It’s possible to use small, sealed plastic bags to put screws and other parts from furniture away without the risk of losing them. Securely tape the bag and use smaller portions of the plastic wrap to cover the openings of shampoo and lotion bottles to avoid leakage. Simply set the cap back on once you seal the shirt.

  • Protect your breakables

You do not want anything to break during the moving process. You may try using extra clothing and linens to protect things like drinking glasses and mugs. Not only does this keep fragile items in one piece, but it also helps you move a number of your clothing items that are bulky without taking up space in other boxes. You may also use extra bedding or towels.

● Reinforce your moving boxes

Make sure that your moving boxes are sturdy. It is possible to use packing tape to reinforce the bottoms of each box. Use bubble wrap or perhaps scrunch newspaper to fill in spaces around breakables for extra protection against breakage.

  • Pack smartly

Do not forget to pack smart. It is possible to designate fragile things by padding the corners of things before you seal the boxes. Write “Fragile ” or “this way up” on the boxes containing breakable or delicate items.

  • Hire a removalist

If you do not have time to think about packing yourself, look into hiring a removalist company. Not only can a qualified removalist such as Bankstown Removalist do the packaging for you, but can they can also unpack your boxes in the new home.

By hiring packing services from Bankstown removalist you will be eliminating the risk of your dedicates breaking, furniture being damaged or scratched and items going missing. Bankstown Removalist are made up of a highly professional team and provide you with efficient packaging services for both homes and offices.

You are on your way to a successful move when you book your move with us! Do not hesitate to get in contact with them right way  at Bankstown Removalist–your go-to removalist!

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