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What Do Moving Companies Charge For Packing?

Bankstown Removalist Moving companies charge is determined from a number of points, there are many things that will tell how much you need to pay. The packing services by the different moving companies ensure safety and proper care of your stuff. You can’t pack your kitchen stuff like the living room furniture.

Hence, there are different packing needs of any place. Not to miss is the insurance of your material that protects you from any damages caused during transportation.

Many of us think that the moving process is costly, but a little insight can give you details about the most crucial step in moving, i.e., the packing.

What Do Moving Companies Charge for packing?

The first and essential part of your moving is packing. You can hire any moving company that does the packing too. These packing specialists charge on an hourly basis and, on average, can cost you somewhere near 60 Australian Dollars per hour. These charges are inclusive of the labour and the materials.

Thus, you can secure your materials by hiring a packing professional. It does not only help you move but takes the load of packing and unpacking from you.

Further, the packing charges are sometimes based on the size of your apartment. The different charges for packing are roughly around 600 Australian dollars for a one-bedroom flat, 680 Australian dollars for a two-bedroom flat, 750 Australian dollars for a three-bedroom flat, and 1,500 Australian dollars a four-bedroom house.

What Is Covered in These Charges?

Most companies provide end to end services in your material’s packing. You may not have the time or might not want to take the risk by doing it yourself. You can trust the professionals in packing that starts with the disassembling of the furniture. This is important to ensure an easy export to a new location.

The next important part is to clear the walls and floors- the removal of painting or other things to keep the walls transparent. You may have expensive art at your place. It further includes rolling carpets at your home. This protects your comfortable flooring from cuts or picking. Thus, hiring professional packers take it smoothly without causing any damages.

The third step is the wrapping of your stuff in the right material. This calls for the right choice for fragile and non-fragile materials. The wrapping’s execution should be perfect for protecting the material from any types of damages.

The wrapping process is followed by labelling and marking. This is helpful in keeping a record of the materials so that they can be placed easily in a new place. It can work wonders if your packing professional knows about the new site and the proposed material placement in it.

The next step includes the placing of the packed material into the carrier. This includes the insertion of cushioning and packing according to the needs to protect it from sudden jerks. This is then followed by the transportation and unloading at the new place.


The charges of the moving companies for packing are affordable and justified too. All you have to do is compare the charges of different companies before finalizing to get the best one for you.

Tips To Choose Moving Company for Your Move

Bankstown Removalist – Tips for choose moving company can be easy if you understand some of the important points. what are the important points? It is hard to ensure a smooth move to a new place.

However, an open plan and strict adherence to it can work wonders for you. The choice of moving company is an essential step in the moving process. Markets are flooded with different companies that promise to help you in packing, transporting, and unpacking your stuff.

Thus, it is easy to filter out the right, affordable, and most importantly, the highly efficient mover. Bankstown removalists understand the need of the customer and stand high on functionality and costs.

Quick Tips Choose Moving Company:

The following are the quick tips to choose a moving company for your move:

Moving Company’s Background

It is crucial to get to the correct address and details about the moving companies. Since the transportation field is large, there are chances of foul play as well. To safeguard your interests, always shortlist two or three companies, do the research, and then finalize one. The reviews on different service platforms are also helpful in this step. Further, you can find complaints about the moving company’s services online. Stay away from those companies with a dark background. Many companies are found to change their names when one name gets terrible reviews.

Estimation of your stuff

Most moving companies plan the analysis of your material before the move. This helps the moving company to prepare necessary vehicles for the transportation process. The moving company’s representatives visit your place to get a thorough check on the total material and prepare a rough list of the estimate. You can contribute to this by removing the items from the list you’re supposed to sell or not take with you on the move. Further, go for the moving company that includes the packing process as it protects you from the damages due to irregular packing.

Charges and payment terms Choose Moving Company

Before finalizing a moving company, it is good to collect different moving companies’ details. You can check their charges and payment terms. Avoid paying massive deposits before the move as it may make you weak than the company’s side. Further, clear about the extra charges on shifting to different levels or two-storey duplex. It is good to go through the contract terms to avoid last minute hassles or monetary issues.

Insurance terms

Check the insurance terms of the moving company. Any damage during the transit should be refundable from the company’s side only.

Consider Recommendations

You can take good references from your friends, relatives, or colleagues whenever you’re deciding on a moving company. This gives you an insight into the service quality of the moving company. Further, you can get some discounts on referrals as well.


Moving can be difficult, but a good moving company can make the entire process smooth for you. Removalists Bankstown can sort out the things starting from planning to settle in the new place. Take the help of the tips mentioned above to hire the best moving company for your transition.

Moving Checklist, Some Tips before Moving

Bankstown Removalist – While change is the rule of nature, shifting to a new place cannot be smooth, because you need tips before moving. You may have to relocate for professional gains or personal reasons. Hassles and damages are the two main things that strike your mind when it comes to moving.

The mere transportation of your belongings can be an uphill task. Thus, all these challenges call for efficient preparation before moving to a new place. Bankstown removalist helps you move from your current location and ensures a smooth settling at a new home.

Quick Tips Before Moving

You may be moving alone or with your family. Thus, its preparation cannot be a single-day process. You have loads of material, things, and utilities to carry with you. A quick-moving checklist can help keep all the things sorted. Let us have a look at one:

  • Discussing with the family: It is easy to move alone but in case you have to proceed with your family, it is good to start by discussing the move with them. It keeps them prepared for the upcoming transition.
  • Serving notice: It is essential to serve notice to your existing landlord about vacating the place. It will not only help in easy moving but allows you to get the security refunded on time. You can use these finds in your moving expenses.
  • Packing: It may seem simple to do the packing but can be difficult if you have hoarded multiple things at your place. The best way to achieve efficient packing is to do it separately for separate items and mark them afterwards. This marking will help you find your items while unpacking with no mess.
  • Research moving services: Once you are done with the packing part, it is time to select your moving services. Go for professional movers who have expertise in delivering quality services within stipulated time frames. You can take recommendations from your friends too before finalizing one. You should be able to afford their charges and it should fit your budget too.
  • Budgets: Based on your moving charges, you must keep your funds ready. Local moving can cost you somewhere around 1,000 Australian dollars while the same for distant places can go up to 5,000 Australian dollars.

Handy Moving

Below are some useful tips before moving:

  • Do not hoard perishable items like milk, curd, etc., when you are due to move.
  • Plan service of your vehicles accordingly.
  • Keep your valuable handy to prevent them from missing in the moving process.
  • Do not hesitate to take the help of the day care for your small kids on the day of moving.
  • Go for selling the unused items at your place instead of taking them with you.
  • Do not forget to pay all the local administration’s pending compliances before moving to prevent last-minute issues.

Conclusion: The accurate and timely preparation before moving can help the top removalist Bankstown to take care of your movement in the best possible way. All you need to do is to plan and stick to it.

Is it Worth Paying for Packing when Moving?

Bankstown RemovalistPacking when moving, packing is an important concern. You can pack your belongings yourself or seek professional help. Professional packing offers different levels of services – from full-service packing to select packing. If your budget allows it, it is best to seek professional Packing services.

Find out why it is worth paying for professional packing and the types of packing options available to you.

Benefits of Professional Packing Services

There are many ways in which handing over packing to your removal company or a specialised packing company.

Lesser Stress

When you hire a professional team to pack all your stuff, you can focus your time and energy on managing other important chores that are part of your everyday life. Moving is already a big event in your life. Getting engaged in packing will only increase the stress during the transition.

Greater Convenience

A moving company has all the supplies required for you’re the move. They will not have to go and buy boxes, rent a truck, or purchase other packing supplies. It will be more convenient for you, as your stuff will be packed quickly and efficiently by the experts.

Save Time

As already mentioned, you will not have to waste your valuable time dealing with packing the items. A professional team can get the job done quickly. The time saved can be used in focusing on other important aspects of your life or planning your move.

Professional packing also increases the safety and protection of your belongings. Experts can use the right packing materials and techniques to ensure your items get higher degree of protection during the move.

Choosing Full-Service Packing When Moving

When you hire a full-service packer, they will disassemble all items, pack them using the right materials, and label all the boxes appropriately. They will also give you the timeline of the packing procedure and how much it will cost.

The cost and time will depend on the volume of items you will be moving. If you want to get the packing completed faster, such services can also put more people to the task. Usually, such services can pack your belongings in a day.

Custom Packing When Moving

If your budget or other factors prevent you from choosing a full-service packing solution, you can opt for custom Packing services. Your removalist or specialized packing company can offer packing solutions for specific items, including:

  • Fragile items
  • Mirrors
  • Artwork
  • Various breakables

Such a service will involve a visit to your property and conducting an assessment. You can get them to pack items like fragile furniture, antiques, chandeliers, and valuable vases. It is always worth spending a little while ensuring the safety of your expensive and treasured belongings.

Appliance Packing Services

Some packers can take specialty packing solutions to the next level. They can handle only appliance packing for you. Appliances can not only be heavy, they can be fragile. Getting them properly packed can help protect your investment. Is it worth paying for packing when moving? Yes, it certainly is. There should be no second thoughts to it. It can benefit you in many ways, the least of which is keeping your belongings safe and protected during transit.

Things To Keep In Mind Prior To Settling In Or Moving Into A New House

Relocating from one home to another can tend to leave you with mixed feelings of both joy and sorrow. Joy arises from the exhilaration of a unique chapter and sorrow comes due to the emotional connection that you have to part ways with. Many think of moving as being a big headache because of packing and remembering each item you have put away. Prepare yourself with a pen and a notebook to write down a list of items that you really need to do before transferring to a different home.

Changing the locks

Step one of moving to into a new house is making sure the security of the home is installed correctly to ensure the safety of the family and property. Updating the locks of the new house is really important to help keep your house out of any danger. You are recommended to do this before moving into the home permanently and sleeping in the home.

Shifting the utilities

At least a couple weeks ahead of your move, you need to inform your utility service provider about the shifting plans. You can just call them and arrange your connection and disconnection periods for gas and electricity. Aside from this you may want to speak to your cable and internet provider and security measures provider to correct an installation date following the move.

Modify your address

Modifying residential address should not be a difficult task. Find ways to get your address updated based on the regulations in your area. Updating your address must at some point be followed along with your bank cards, subscription accounts, etc.

Make a decision on whether you want to hire a professional mover or not

As previously mentioned above, movers make the entire moving procedure simple for you. Whether you want their assistance or not, it is your preference. If you come to a decision to hire a mover near you, make sure it fulfils most of the requirements and provides a simple yet efficient service.

Read about some moving basics

Having a little bit of knowledge on moving also can make your moving journey trouble-free for your needs. As an example you can easily seek out the measures that may give the kids and pets comfort while moving, apart from that you can download some apps to streamline your moving procedure. These small things have the ability to create your moving journey convenient for your needs.

Clutter removal

When you finalise your moving date start getting rid of all the stuff that you no longer want out of your home. To eradicate them you can organise a garage sale or sell them on the net or you can easily contact organisations that may come and pick up your undesired possessions totally free.

The thought of moving from one place to another can be quite exhausting and energy-draining.It does not matter whether the size of your property is big or small, it is highly recommended to get a professional removalist to take care of all your moving needs promptly. Professionals will take care of all your items with extra precaution.  You are on your way to a successful move when you book your move with us, Bankstown Removalist!

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Packing Tips to Simplify Moving Day

Moving is more than just finding a new house to meet your requirements. In reality, the actual process of moving can be quite overwhelming and maybe even stressful. There are many things you can do to be certain that you’re on the right path to a successful move in the simplest way. Basically, stick with your strategy and keep in mind the following tips:

  • Use colour-coding or Post-it note descriptions

Colour coding boxes and using post-it notes can be a very useful tip when moving. You even use different coloured markers or even different coloured stickers to colour-code your the boxes by rooms and names of family members. For example, blue for anything in the kitchen and anything in the living room. Do not forget to make yourself a colour-coded sheet for the reference. It will make it much easier to pack and unpack.

  • Wrap parts together

You can probably imagine the confusion of getting to your house and realising that you may have lost a few things along the way. It’s possible to use small, sealed plastic bags to put screws and other parts from furniture away without the risk of losing them. Securely tape the bag and use smaller portions of the plastic wrap to cover the openings of shampoo and lotion bottles to avoid leakage. Simply set the cap back on once you seal the shirt.

  • Protect your breakables

You do not want anything to break during the moving process. You may try using extra clothing and linens to protect things like drinking glasses and mugs. Not only does this keep fragile items in one piece, but it also helps you move a number of your clothing items that are bulky without taking up space in other boxes. You may also use extra bedding or towels.

● Reinforce your moving boxes

Make sure that your moving boxes are sturdy. It is possible to use packing tape to reinforce the bottoms of each box. Use bubble wrap or perhaps scrunch newspaper to fill in spaces around breakables for extra protection against breakage.

  • Pack smartly

Do not forget to pack smart. It is possible to designate fragile things by padding the corners of things before you seal the boxes. Write “Fragile ” or “this way up” on the boxes containing breakable or delicate items.

  • Hire a removalist

If you do not have time to think about packing yourself, look into hiring a removalist company. Not only can a qualified removalist such as Bankstown Removalist do the packaging for you, but can they can also unpack your boxes in the new home.

By hiring packing services from Bankstown removalist you will be eliminating the risk of your dedicates breaking, furniture being damaged or scratched and items going missing. Bankstown Removalist are made up of a highly professional team and provide you with efficient packaging services for both homes and offices.

You are on your way to a successful move when you book your move with us! Do not hesitate to get in contact with them right way  at Bankstown Removalist–your go-to removalist!

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